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Award-winning film company that brings compelling content to your brand

What we offer:

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Make your story known

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Capture a moment

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Graphic Design

Look good anywhere

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Make it pop

About Us


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Rev'd Up Fun Center

- 1:00 -

Chapp Oil

- 2:22 -

Wyandotte sports

Wyandotte Sports Promo

- 1:30 -

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Jenn Jackson

- 1:30 -

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

- 0:30 -

New Hope Initiative 

- 6:15 -

Baxter's Cafe & Eatery

- 0:54 -

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Rev'd Up Fun Birthday Walk Through

- 0:54 -


Amish Direct Furniture

- 01:00 -

This is a Chair

- 1:25 -

This Is How We Do

- 1:01 -

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Anxious and Depressed

- 1:01 -

Effective brand representation begins with a thorough preproduction phase. We prioritize gathering information to craft a compelling story and ensure a seamless filming process. Preproduction impacts the final product and is an essential part of our process. We involve our clients in brainstorming and preproduction meetings to ensure their vision is fully realized.





We offer flexibility in our filming process to accommodate your preferences. Our expert team will handle all aspects of the shoot, using advanced equipment and techniques to capture high-quality footage and bring your vision to life. Expect a seamless and successful process with our attention to detail and dedication to excellence, regardless of your level of involvement.



We elevate your project with post-production by using advanced techniques in sound design, color grading, and visual effects to captivate your audience and create stunning visuals. Our skilled team strives to make every aspect of your project better in post-production, delivering a final product that exceeds your expectations.

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Since 2013, Novel Films has earned the trust of customers as their go-to advisors and partners for creating and delivering captivating video content across North America. With our expertise, we can help you rise above the clutter and convey your message with maximum impact. Your audience is eagerly anticipating your story – let us help you tell it.

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